The Pulse that Fits You

I have been looking to add a percussive massage fun to my treatment plan with patients.

I have an injury based chiropractic clinic and also a online business focusing on helping people with low back pain.

I reviewed multiple massage guns and chose the BearMax. I’m first of all impressed with the volume of which it operates. A lot of these tools are really loud. This does make noise but it’s not as intense as others. Also, this have 20 levels of treatment. Many of the others have 3-5 levels.

I have had issues of low back pain and have weekly chiropractic and massage treatment. This tool I use on a daily basis to prevent flare ups with my low back pain.

I’m impressed and will implement this treatment t and tool to both my chiropractic clinic, my online health coaching business and also to my own health regimen.


I was surprised when I first tried this muscle massage gun- with so many different parts of your body how could one unit work it all? With 10 attachments, and 30 different pressure settings this unit is able to cover and relax the most delicate or the deepest trigger points on your body. Charging is quick and the unit feels solid- like a good quality. The unit also comes with a case that has recesses for all of the accessories for convenient use. 10/10 would recommend for the adjustability and value.

The Hungry ONE!!

I am really pleased with this massage gun. It feels very solidly made, has lots of attachments to use on all your aching muscles, and a very nice carrying case to store it all in. I haven't tried all the attachments yet but so far the mushroom shaped one is my favorite.

There are different speed settings from normal paced, medium paced to WHOA THIS IS INTENSE (but not in a bad way). I do wish you could go from the medium setting back down to a lower setting without having to go through the intense settings first but that is my only complaint.

The battery power lasts a long time so you could even travel with it.

Great massage tool at a fair price.